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By discussing individual business needs, AGL tailors a program that blends business priorities with the development capacities of the individual.

A highly trained coach then uses a proven conversation model based in psychology and neuroscience to generate growth in individuals and increase the success of the organization.





Strengths Assessment

Through the use of recognized assessments such as Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 and the VIA Character Assessment, employees gain a better understanding of their abilities and how they apply to the workplace.



By using coaching tools and concepts to create awareness and explore motivation, employees are able to get to the root of productivity issues. Once core issues have been addressed, employees can successfully develop systems for internalizing and sustaining new behaviors. 


Time Management

Developing personalized systems for time management and bringing awareness to distractions or time-wasters will boost your employee’s efficiency and ability to use their time effectively.


Values Alignment

By enabling your employees to clearly identify their core values, coaching links what they care about to what they do, boosting satisfaction and driving productivity.

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Each coaching session includes specific goal-setting to move the employee closer to who and where they want to be. The coaching process helps your employees set goals, achieve them, then repeat the process for continued growth.


Motivation Styles

Every person is motivated differently. Coaches work with employees to discover core motivations and translate that personal meaning into increased levels of performance.