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Measured outcomes are important to track the growth of each employee and the overall impact for your company. The following are some of the ways that we can bring revenue and growth.

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REDUCED STRESS: Stress is triggered when employees feel out of control and or operate from a place of limiting beliefs. The coaching conversation helps a client develop a growth-mindset of personal empowerment and openness to change. This mindset sets growth as the highest priority. Employees with a growth mindset develop the resilience to see failure positively and move forward even more effectively as a result.


INCREASED MOTIVATION: Upticks in motivation stem from a comprehensive view of why work matters.  Coaching works with motivation theory to determine what drives a client and harness that energy in the pursuit of things that matter. By connecting a client’s current work with his life vision and goals, tasks have greater meaning. Meaning and vision translates to increased will-power and internal motivation.  Within the workplace this focus reduces absenteeism while simultaneously increasing productivity.  


CREATIVITY: With businesses constantly requiring growth and creative development, coaching supports employees in becoming more creative in their work. By finding balance in the workplace as well as in life, the brain is free to do it's best work. Employees who receive coaching often find themselves coming up with unique ideas, developing new concepts, and applying their skills in new ways.


PROBLEM RESOLUTION: Increased team engagement, effective communication, and open mindsets can mitigate potential conflicts.  Coaching helps clients adopt healthier mindsets around common conflict points such as time, money, or authority. When team members are able to engage in hard conversations and resolve conflict effectively, they come out stronger as a team with greater empathy, cohesion, and productivity.


RESILIENCE: In a fast-paced business environment, employees are expected to keep up with demands and roll with the punches. Yet many young employees can struggle with feedback, healthy criticism, or recommendations for growth. By exploring internal motivation and tapping into each individual's potential to grow, coaching builds resilience and fosters flexibility. Resilience is ultimately the ability to gather knowledge, ask for help, and integrate those resources into patterns of growth and learning.






GOAL ACHIEVEMENT: Employees implement systems and habits that create sustained and even increased productivity. Motivation grows as large goals are broken down into achievable steps. Regular accountability provides a consistent feedback loop and increases the likelihood of success. 


INCREASED RETENTION: Many employers are hesitant to invest in their employees due to high turnover rates. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a training that will ultimately end up contributing to another company? Through coaching AGL strives to mitigate this process by centering coaching around satisfaction, motivation and overall vision. This is compounded by the company investing in the individual and becoming a talent magnet within the industry.


TEAM ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION: Coaching creates an open-minded environment where individuals can openly share and discuss. Research has found that the leading indicators of effective teamwork are trust, acceptance, forgiveness, and communication. Meetings and team projects will become more productive as members engage with each other and deal with conflicts more effectively.


INCREASED MANAGERIAL TALENT: Employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers. This concept is widely recognized to be true because the effect that managers have on their subordinates. A good manager can put a poorly performing departement back on track. A poor manager can reverse this even faster. Coaching recognizes the importance of interpersonal communication and focuses and sharpens these skill sets. In addition, your managers are receiving real time demonstrations in constructive feedback, transformative leadership, and relationship building from our coaches.


COMPANY RELATIONSHIPS: Every company needs clients and these clients interface with your employees and client managers. This is the primary reason that employees are considered the greatest asset. Coaching helps make these assets better through focusing on communication, productivity, responsiveness, and conflict management, helping your team better navigate the complex world of client relationship management. This in turn focuses on meeting the customer's needs more fully and expanding those working relationships.