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Executive Reviews

Motivating today’s millennials is difficult. It’s challenging to help them accept and adapt to business culture and understand the big picture. Coaching adds value because it provides a third party perspective. Instead of us telling employees what to do and how to do it, coaching engages the millennial mindset by helping them discover how they can win. The results are increased productivity, clear goals, and prepared employees who can rise to the challenges of the corporate world.
— Rob, Director of Sales

"A lack of real-world job experience and maturity is proving that young people are ill-equipped to enter the job force. One-on-one coaching provides insights into a young person’s desires and develops skill sets for performing the job they’ve been hired to do. It helps them to be better employees by tapping into their motivation to do the job. AGL is an organization with significant experience in coaching and professional work environments. Their skills and expertise, along with their heart to motivate and inspire, strikes the perfect balance in creating a better workforce." - Shara, Director of Consulting

"The world today is changing so fast--in technology and systems and processes and knowledge and communications--that professionals can’t keep up on their own. With overloaded schedules, people are drained and do not have it within themselves to be their own director. Businesses must give employees the environment that allows them to grow because that's what's expected. When you have a coach, people are much more willing to respond and grow because an outside source is creating a catalyst or accountability for their personal growth." - Melissa, CEO

client reviews

The biggest thing coaching did for me was increase my willingness to ask and answer questions. That was pretty big because I don’t naturally feel comfortable asking people questions. Being trained, almost subconsciously, through coaching to ask effective questions in conversation has helped me engage in open, honest discussions that can be spontaneous, yet guided. In a corporate setting, it’s easy to lack clarity and mess up if you don’t ask effective questions so I’ve learned importance of keeping a line of discussion going; to keep asking, and to make sure the questions will get me what I want and need to succeed.
— Shulamis, Client

"Coaching showed me what was possible and how I had the power to make things happen. Through building the tools and habits I needed -- time management, self-motivation, focus, building accountability, and owning my decisions -- I could achieve the things I needed to reach my goals. It pushed me to not just settle for what I knew I could do, but to challenge myself to do better and go further." - Cassie, Client

"My coach is amazing at helping me bring to light things that I didn’t even know were stewing within me. She teaches techniques that are truly applicable to everyday life in a way that will help me reach my goals one step at a time. Coaching helps me think outside the box and dream, but also gives practical steps to turn dreams into reality." - Atalie, Client

Coaching has helped show me the true value of social skills and effective communication. Not only that, but through coaching, my growth and proficiency in these areas has increased dramatically. Overall, coaching has allowed me to realize areas needing improvement and then proceed to actually grow and completely overcome those challenges.
— Brennen, Client

"Coaching has increased my self-awareness and the ability to hone in and delineate what my goals actually are and how to achieve them. I am happier, less stressed, and more motivated to move forward in life. I’m able to stay focused on what’s most important and incorporate regular reflection and self-care to be successful." - Anna, Client

"Meeting regularly with my coach kept me grounded. She celebrated each stepping-stone towards success and worked with me to reorganize my plans when obstacles blocked my progress. She helped me schedule my time, maintain focus, and research other options when the unexpected hit." - Hannah, Client