The Why Behind: Coaching

“The Why Behind” is a blog series that focuses on the “why” for pivotal concepts in the business coaching world. From why we may approach a problem in a certain way to why a certain generation as typical office behavior patterns to why we even coach at all, the topics are as varied as the companies we serve.

To understand why a business would choose a coaching service as opposed to a consultant is an important distinction in our world. Even the term “coaching” can come with a bundle of preconceived notions, and many business owners and executives may bring a bias against coaching without even knowing it. Sinek famously says we should “start with why,” and we agree with that statement, not only for career and life goals, but also for helping businesses understand how coaching is different and why it’s one of the best ways to invest in a company.

Traditionally, consultants may come in to evaluate a workplace, and their deliverable is a set of revealed obstacles and pain points. Coaching, however, goes a step further and not only identifies areas for improvement, but also implements a strategy and action plan for resolving those problem areas—most often with one-on-one employee or team sessions.

We work hand-in-hand with our business partners to increase productivity, team cohesion, employee retention, and job satisfaction. We uncover where we see room for improvement and then we use our years of proven methodologies—rooted in psychology and neuroscience—to return tangible, positive results. Coaching is this generation’s “consulting”, and it’s a growing field that has redefined what it means to truly support businesses in their long-term goals.

Joshua ShiComment