Apex Generation Leadership defines the “Apex Generation” as the business professionals, leaders, and organizations who are leading the way in their industry. Whether an established business with decades of experience or a millennial-run business proving the stereotype wrong, you are uniquely qualified to provide needed training to millennials integrating into the workforce. The AGL team wants to help you lead the way.




AGL is a visionary group of certified, professional coaches with decades of experience helping millennials transition successfully to the workforce and life. Executives and leaders have benefited from coaching within the corporate world for decades. AGL customizes the same process that has been used to build these executives to develop millennials into the employees you need to move your company forward.

The AGL team has coached hundreds of millennials and invested thousands of hours in honing their craft. The team also brings a unique addition to the industry with expertise in business quantitative analytics, building a platform to quantify the relational nature of coaching in measurable ways. Numerous certifications in coaching and other disciplines are held by the team, with several members actively pursuing the highest level of internationally recognized expertise in coaching - the International Coaching Federation’s Master Certified Coach credential.


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Brittany Barden

Brittany's passion is to help people align their thinking and their actions to move them more effectively towards their goals. Having worked with thousands of young adults, she is most inspired when helping people make the transition from young adult to young professional. Through classroom teaching, speaking engagements, developing course content and programs, one-on-one conversations, and coach training, she thrives on uncovering hidden talents and potential in young professionals.

Starting with an undergraduate in social sciences, Brittany has continued her career through several coaching certifications, including her credential as Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Additionally, she has enjoyed studying a wide range of people-helping disciplines through certifications in Risk Avoidance, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Leadership, and additional training in Applied Bioethics.

Christina N. Dizon

Christina Dizon is a driven coach, entrepreneur, project manager, business owner, designer, and professional photographer. She brings the sharp mind and creativity behind these diverse skill sets to the table in all she does, and they help her excel. She has 18 years of experience as a speaker, writer, and movement leader. Her 12 years as an instructor and content developer prepared her to move into coaching. Hundreds of clients affirm her skills.

An undergraduate degree in communications laid the foundation for Christina's career in human studies and interactions. With several coaching certifications, including her credential as Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Christina continues to pursue studies in Neuroscience. She currently lives in Denver with her husband of five years, Phil.

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William Anger

William Anger is a native of the Denver area and recently returned after an eight-year stint in the military. He holds two master's degrees in business quantitative analytics and a bachelor's in information systems, which he uses to drive forward the project management profession in the cutting-edge field of satellite internet service. Passionate about efficient change to create better business, William is a natural fit for data analysis to solve complex problems.

A determined catalyst for change, William has found the entrepreneurial world to feed his need to innovate and create. When he’s not working as a project manager or entrepreneur, William enjoys time working out or playing with his two-year-old son, and on the best days doing both at the same time. A firm believer in making a change, William chooses to go out and happen to the world rather than waiting for it to change by itself.


JoshUA Shi

Joshua is focused on helping clients discover their purpose, realize their unique sphere of influence, and maximize their impact. He enjoys mentoring young leaders and has guided numerous students through earning a degree and planning a career. Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with honors, as well as a Signature Leadership certificate. He is a certified Academic Life Coach and continues to study life coaching. Though he orignially hails from Massachusetts, he currently resides in Colorado where he is too far from the ocean for his taste. 


Edward MacDonald

Edward Macdonald has been using life coaching to improve millennial professionalism, focus, and interpersonal skills for his entire career. Edward, known as Eddy to his friends and family, firmly believes in the power of the coaching process and knows that there has never been a more important time to utilize the coaching process to build leaders.

An enthusiastic and visionary member of the team, he draws from a broad range of experiences, having formally and personally studied a diverse range of coaching modalities. Edward is currently pursuing the Master Certified Coach credential through the International Coaching Federation and hopes to use it to continue helping clients achieve breakthroughs in all areas of life.


Carissa Gay

Carissa is passionate about developing leaders. As an educator, coach, and business owner, she has spent the last two decades coaching and training young professionals to function at their personal and professional best. Carissa holds bachelor’s degrees in English and Christian education, as well as a master’s in counseling. She is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, and holds credentials in Career Management and Brain-Based coaching from the Academies.